Tuesday, June 19, 2007

5 things list

I'm a bit late with this, since this was the Monday Meme on the 2K Bloggers, but anyways thought I would do it. This one is a list of five things and since I love lists I just couldn't resist.

What you have to do is to make your list on these five topics.

1. List five things in your refrigerator
2. Five things in your closet
3. Five things in your purse or backpack
4. Five things in your car
5. Five things in the world you want to see before you die

Here's my responses:

1. List five things in my refrigerator (well, I'm not in my own home these days, but will list what I usually have in mine!)
1. Lots of veggies
2. Chocolates--dark with hazelnuts--irresistible!
3. Nutrigrain bars
4. Milk
5. Yogurt

2. Five things in my closet
1. a few clothes that I wear all the time
2. lots of clothes that I barely ever wear
3. extra handbags
4. lingerie bags
5. money

3. Five things in my purse or backpack
1. cell phone
2. mints
3. lipstick and chap stick
4. camera
5. wallet

4. Five things in my car
1. CDs
2. water bottle
3. city map
4. restaurant review book
5. gas bills

5. Five things in the world I want to see before I die
1. Cyprus
2. Turkey
3. Every corner of Scandinavia
4. The Three Gorges in China (and the rest of the country as well!)
5. As many castles as I can possibly see in Germany


Elaine Vigneault said...

Cool :) Thanks for taking part in this week's 2k bloggers meme :)

Shalini said...

This was a really good meme....hard to resist!!