Thursday, May 31, 2007

Update on Holiday City

I've written earlier as well about a travel site called Holiday City and I wanted to post an update to my experience with them. I've made several reservations with them and I really like their site. In fact, my hubby is currently staying at a hotel in Dubai on a reservation that I made on Holiday City. The hotel is as it is described on the site and reviews by other guests were pretty accurate. I sent the site an email a couple of days back regarding a hotel in Singapore and I got a response back within 8 hours. What has really got me hooked onto this site, is that it really keeps things simple.

Most travel sites just have too much information on them, that becomes irritating after a while. When you want to find a hotel room, you have an area you want to look in and a budget and these are the two most important things. Room and hotel details are clearly listed and when I didn't see any information on the availability of broadband internet in the room at this hotel I liked, I sent them a mail and received a positive response from them. I'm thrilled to have finally found a great hotel site, one that works especially well for Asia, as I'm yet to book hotels in the US or Europe with them.

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