Friday, May 25, 2007

Summer decorating

Part of living in a hot climate is having different sets of curtains, covers and carpets for the winter and summer. During the hot and long summer months, it becomes essential to switch to more summery fabrics for the curtains, but also those that block the light and strong sun. I have found Roman blinds to be most effective in doing this and have got a set made for my dining room windows where I receive the maximum amount of sun. My windows there are perfect for roman blinds since there is a narrow ledge under the window and curtains never flow well past this ledge. I got the idea several months ago when I saw the styles at a site called Terry's Fabrics, which specializes in all kinds of blinds, window treatments, bedding, curtains, rugs, tie backs and much more. I found the site to be a great place to get new ideas and buy stuff at nice discounts.

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