Friday, May 25, 2007

Short projects or long term jobs?

Friday at last! I thought last week had been hectic, but this week I have inundated with work and that too work on several different projects, which means I have had to set aside time for each one and change gears to get into the project. I like working on a project to project basis. I like completing things, and I like completing them fast. Being a Gemini, you always are in a rush to do things and in regular job, there were always lots of continuing projects, but nothing with a deadline like I have now. Most of my projects last a week or so, which is a really nice length of time to do a project, take a break or not and move on to the next one. Besides my project assignments, I do have some work on an continuous basis where I have a weekly deadline. That gives me some base to work from, and not have to depend only on rotating projects. I can't say when I have enjoyed working so much.

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