Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Relying on domain strategies to increase traffic

The emphasis on having the right keywords is changing to a strategy of having the right domain name. A lot of consumers are using what is called direct navigation, which is when a user types a web address directly into the browser, bypassing the search engines. Now, marketers are using a combination of direct navigation along with AdSense and other techniques to open unused web addresses that are only full of keyword ads that will reach consumers better than search engine results. These "parked" sites account for 10% of the pay-per-click (PPC) market. Another way is to buy the relevant domains and redirect traffic from it to your site.
Much like a well-rounded SEM (search engine marketing) keyword campaign, the best domain strategies involve multiple, category defining names. Purchasing several domains ensures that customers who use different terms don't slip through the cracks and creates an understanding that your company is the leader in a particular space. Choosing multiple domain names in a specific category allows you to deliver a personalized Web experience with related content spread across a network of sites. Another major advantage of this is that you can interlink between domains, which will greatly boost Web search engine rankings.

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