Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Planning vacations

I love to travel and we have been able to pack in a short trip almost every month and a longer trip every few months. For the times we are not travelling, I spend time researching new places to go to, find tips and tricks to getting good deals and make lists of all the must see places that we should go to. One of the sites I found in my research was Last Minute Hotel News, which has lots of cool insights and hotel news updates on destinations around the world.

A lot of travel sites focus only on the larger destinations, but I find that sometimes these trips can become too sterile and cookie-cutter, especially when all one does is visit tourist spots and only sees other tourists. We are travelers first and foremost and like to get into the local culture to understand the social atmosphere, rather than just to pick up a meaningless trinket to bring back home. I was intrigued with hotel news about a place called Jerez that is located in Spain and is usually not on the traditional tourist routes and is famous for its sherry and its annual Horse Fair that is held from 6th to 13th of May.

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