Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Pageflakes: creating your own personal space

Have you created a personalized page on Yahoo or Google yet? Here's another one to choose from, and its called Pageflakes. You can personalize your page with whatever type of news you would like. I thought I would check it out before signing up so bypassed the create a page button. The page that loaded for me had my city info, including latest news, four day weather forecast, events calender along with an interactive map, local pics and much more. Interesting, I thought!! I could start liking this all too easily. You can even configure you email account with it, so you never have to leave it. You can have different pages for different locations, invite friends, add your feed, and much more.


Anonymous said...

Pageflakes rockz. I have been a user since January 2007. Here's my public page link:

Rock on!

Shalini said... have a lot of info on your page...I must get around to do mine too.

Elvine said...

Hi Shalini,

I'm Elvine from Pageflakes and I just came across your Blog on Pageflakes. Pageflakes is a great tool to promote your content within our Community.

As mentioned in an earlier comment, you could create your own Public or Private Pages, called "Pagecasts". You may share your favorite blog and news to your family and friends on Pageflakes.

In fact, I have been promoting your Blog on my Pagecast:

Elvine R. Valladolid

Shalini said...

Thanks for your comment and tips Elvine! I really like your page and found some really nice stuff to read and comment on from there. It was really nice to see my blog up there too. Thanks so much!