Tuesday, May 29, 2007

On golfing

I took my first tentative golf swings when I was 17 or so, and only got started playing seriously when I was 23. I took lessons from a local pro and practiced daily to improve my handicap. While my swing was good, I was never too good at distance and my pitching was up and down as well. My putting was pretty good and very good on the day I gave my test to become a member at my local golf club, which is one of the most prestigious ones in the country and has a waiting list of 10+ years just to get it.

Once I got hooked, golf became an important part of my life and we traveled often to play at different courses, which was just perfect since it combined my two current favorite pastimes, travel and golf. There is a huge market in golf tourism as I soon discovered and started playing all my vacations around courses and flights around tee times. Well, golf is like that, once you're in you're totally addicted!

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