Sunday, May 13, 2007

The non-importance of time

My watch battery packed up on the 29th of March just before we left on our trip to Dubai and since then I haven't had time to get it replaced. Instead of being hassled and irritated by not knowing the time, surprisingly I find that I am really enjoying not being bound by the time as I usually have been.

I have been told that as a child, I started asking what the time was even before I fully understood the concept of time. I am a child of discipline, the daughter of an Air Force officer, an alumni of a military school, a granddaughter of a police officer who also placed a lot of emphasis on time. Until very recently, I could never eat in bed, never not get ready in the morning, even it it were a Sunday and till date, I get ready for work every morning, even though I work from home.

So, not having a watch, I thought would have dire consequences for me, I thought. It has been the opposite and I find that I am freed by the constraints of time, just because it might be the right time to do something. I find it completely refreshing and quite astonishing.

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