Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Just too humid lately

This ultra humid weather is just sapping every ounce of energy I have and I'm getting really exhausted with it. It's impossible to manage without a dehumidifier in this weather. I do wonder which is the best dehumidifier for your home? I've been searching for dehumidifiers for the past few days and am still not sure which one would suit our requirements as yet, although I am understanding dehumidifiers better and getting closer to seeing which one will work for us. The resource I have found quite helpful is which has lots of articles on dehumidifiers for your home. Does one buy one for the entire house or on a room by room basis? I had no idea they could be so small and portable, but these look like they would be really handy. Since I work from home, I need to ensure that my work environment is conducive to work and lately it has been hard. I hate having the AC on all the time, since it's right next to me and I end up getting a headache really quick, but a dehumidifiers sees to be the right answer.

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