Saturday, May 05, 2007

Ikea keen on opening in India

Ikea, the world’s largest furniture retailer, has opened an office in Gurgaon to conduct market research and is already talking with domestic companies to open stores in India. According to sources the company is keen on opening in India in 2009, although Ikea has itself not confirmed anything. On their India plans, Ikea’s group president and CEO Anders Dahlvig, said that “We will be there eventually, I’m sure. It is a question of how and when. I think it will mostly depend on things like legislation and infrastructure development.”


Sunil said...

in a way it is good but in a way it is bad. it will affect business of local people.....SO MOST LIKELY BY 2009 YOU CAN SEE SOME SWEDISH FURNITURE TAKE AWAY BOXES

Shalini said...

I agree, there is both good and bad in it. With the way that people are buying houses now, I think the market is large enough. There will be a downside to many local stores, but a lot of people will not like Ikea's style. Also, there will have to be a team of people to make the furniture, since most people will not want to do it themselves.
Thanks for your input.