Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Custom blend tea gifts

Customer specialization is getting more attention. Last week I wrote about customized muesli mixes that customers could create for themselves and now it's all about creating your own custom blend of tea. I was never much of a tea buff, until I started living in Providence in the winter, and took up drinking tea instead of coffee. It took me a while to hone in on exactly what I wanted in my tea, but now I have a good idea of what a good tea is. It's not always possible to get good tea when travelling, so I make sure I carry some of my own when I travel internationally.

So, it's quite interesting to read on Springwise about a company that lets you create your own mix of tea. Called Blends For Friends, this UK based company works mostly as a gift delivery service. Customers fill in some information about the person they want to create a tea for, including date of birth, physical appearance, hobbies etc and the master blender Alex Robyn comes up with the perfect blend of tea for them. The tea can be delivered across the world and costs GBP27 plus shipping for 100 gms or loose leaf tea that is gift wrapped in a tin caddy. Reorders cost GBP7 plus shipping.

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