Sunday, May 13, 2007

Branded nail salons

Nail salons are big business in the US. Springwise reports that while every little town has several and all of them seem to be doing well. Interestingly, the majority the 58,000 nail salons are owned by Koran and Vietnamese immigrants and are owned individually rather than a chain like hair salons are. Dashing Diva a new entrant is calling itself the first branded nail salon chain in the US and is working to create a strong brand for its services across all of its locations.

The company has created several interesting packages for bridal showers, birthday parties etc. Every Thursday and Friday evening, is an event where customers are treated to free cocktails while they get their toes done and morning treatments on the weekends get customers free bagels and coffee. Dashing Diva is affiliated to KMC-Exim, the largest manufacturer of artificial nails.

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