Thursday, May 31, 2007

Beware of Hyip scams

Everyone wants to make money online, right? A lot of sites make it sound so easy, but beware of scams, as they are too many to count and multiplying by the thousands. One of the most common online money making scheme is the Hyip, or High Yield Investment Program, which works essentially as a pyramid scheme. While not all Hyips are scams but a lot of them are and Code4Gold is a Hyip listing and monitoring site, that provides a place for people to find companies where they can make money online, without being affiliated with them.

Code4Gold also has a scam alert blog and PTP (paid to post) forums where members can discuss anything from Hyip to autosurf to scams and other moneymaking schemes. Have a look and see if Code4Gold Adv is for you. Although I am unlikely to get involved in such schemes, I found their blog quite interesting to read, as it provided a lot of information on how these scams work and what to watch out for. The above post was a sponsored review. It just seems that the more we progress technologically, the more creative scammers get. Consumers are also easily duped since everyone wants the easy way out.

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