Monday, May 14, 2007

Alternative meds

The hot, dry summer months make hay fever quite common and I just can't stand the feeling. It especially bothers me since I wear contact lenses and at times, it's hard to keep them on, as my eyes keep watering due to the pollen in the air. The dusty conditions before the rains also make it a tough time for me. I saw that there is an alternative to expensive hay fever medicines, something along the lines of Flonase, expect that it is a Generic Flonase version, which makes it much cheaper although it is just as effective as the original.

The generic version is manufactured in New Zealand and the company does not charge any shipping fees, so it will work out quite affordable to most consumers. Since this is such a common complaint and a recurrent one as well, it just makes sense to go with something that will not break the bank and will be just as effective as the original one.

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