Monday, April 23, 2007

Written inspiration or visual delight?

I've always loved subscribing to magazines, so I can read them at my leisure at home. I currently have subscriptions to 1 fashion magazine, 1 home decor magazine, 3 business magazines and the Readers Digest, which is a gift subscription. As hard as it is to keep up reading all my magazines, it is a great way to keep up with what is happening, in a medium other than the Internet. Magazines are increasing in their niche targets these days, but I still love to read a general all-round magazine as well.

With niche magazines, one can get too deep into only a single focus, instead of broadening one's focus, which is really the intention of all reading, right? But then a lot of magazines aren't about the reading any more; fashion photography has taken precedence in all fashion magazines, which is the case with a lot of other magazines as well. I'd have to say, I love a magazine with a bit of both, interesting articles as well as some fun photographs.

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