Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Where to stay in the UK

Well, we've been thinking and debating on where we should take a long vacation this year. We are only going to be able to take it later on in the year, so hopefully we will be able to find some great deals or off season rates in the UK and Scotland where we are keen on going. I think it would be great to spend 2-3 weeks in late September driving across the UK and spending 3-4 days at a time, which is enough time to explore the area but not too rushed either.

I've explored a lot of London already, but would love to visit some of the newer developments such as the Tate Modern which opened just after I was there. I was able to visit the Victoria and Albert Museum, but one day there was nowhere near enough time. So, London is the place to start off the trip and then make our way up through Wales, the Lake District and to Scotland. My parents in fact spent a month in the UK last summer and drove a similar route, and thoroughly enjoyed their trip. The hardest part they found was Choosing a Hotel in the UK since there are just so many choices and all really great ones too.

When choosing a hotel in the UK, I find that one must get a feel of the local culture and if a hotel site is able to convey that, with pictures and write ups on the main display page, I find it much easier to select a hotel. The other thing I like to see on a hotel website is the reference to what facilities are available at or near the hotel. If a golf course was right next door or a good five miles away, I would like to know that before I selected the hotel. I personally like to go for hotels that offer some culture and history rather than a run of the mill chain, which thankfully are few and far between in the UK. The Paramount Angel Hotel in Cardiff is the kind of place that we are looking to stay at, something with loads of character, personality and local history.

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