Thursday, April 19, 2007

Vacations for a lifetime

The Timeshare concept is nothing new, but one seems to be hearing much more about it lately than ever before. If you're thinking of taking care of vacations for a lifetime or for the next 25 years at least, to places all across the world, without having to dish our large sums at fancy hotels, then a timeshare is for you. With a one time lump sum payment, you buy "points" or "weeks" which you can use annually. If you buy 2 weeks a year, that is what you will be able to use every year, although one can bank weeks and borrow weeks from the future in certain plans.

The cost also depends on what size you buy, from studio to two bedroom or even more. The timeshare concept is a great way for families to afford vacations, which other wise might not be possible. The standards of the hotels are closely monitored and some of the good ones are at par or even better than luxury hotels. United Vacation Network is the place to go to if you're interested in checking out some timeshares, maybe renting one from an owner at a discounted price. Having been in the business for a long time, they are experts at everything related to travel and holidays.

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