Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Vacationing well

What makes a really great holiday? Is it the destination or the hotel, the pre-planned activities or the local attractions, the food or the shopping? It hard to pick any one aspect out, right? A perfect vacation is a combination of many different things, some fixed and unchangeable like the quality of the hotel and food, and some quite variable like the attractions, activities and location. For us, the main reason to take a vacation is to disconnect with our daily lives. To immerse ourselves into a completely different routine than what we lead at home. We managed to do just that on our recent vacation to Goa, where we didn't bother with any sightseeing or shopping, since we've done all of that several times before.

One of the successes of a good vacation is due to proper planning, which has become so much easier thanks to the Internet. When we traveled to the US last summer, we did all our reservations on the Internet, for cars, for hotels, for a tiny and off the beaten track bed and breakfast in Maryland, for a ferry crossing from Long Island to Connecticut and much more; it was all possible thanks to the Internet. One of the reliable sources of information on reservations for hotels, flights and cars is Hotel Reservations, where you can find information on pretty much everything related to travel.

I like staying at unique places and they can be really hard to find, but I manged to find some really great bed and breakfasts on their site, which are usually not even listed on reservation sites. Even better still, has lots of vacation rentals listed which are a really great option for the entire family. With discounts of up to 70%, there's really nothing not to like about the site!

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