Tuesday, April 17, 2007

See your digital photos on a daily basis

Ever since I started using digital camera a few years back, I have been taking around double the number of photographs that I used to take. The ease of use of digital cameras, immediate viewing of clicked photographs and a wide range of settings have made me a total convert to them. I earlier had a basic Kodak digital camera and now use a really tiny and fun Casio digital camera. The next level is to have an easy way to print and display all these fun photographs I keep taking, and for that we are planning to get a digital picture frame, where we will be able to upload photographs and keep changing them on a regular basis or even put them on a slide show as you do on a computer desktop. There is simply no need to even print them out anymore. I simply love the idea of digital photo frames and being able to use and see my digital photos on a daily basis, instead of just being stored on a disc.

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