Wednesday, April 25, 2007

QuickBase offering online database downloads for free

Thanks to all the new business software products that are available now, one is able to do more work in less time and with less hassle. They way technology and business have combined has made a remarkable impact on the way we all work now. Take for example QuickBase from Intuit, an information and database management software, that enables workers to connect to a database from a central location to access information, while controlling who has access to the data.

QuickBase is offering a 30-day free trial so users can download the program and get a feel of how it works. There is no credit card required at all, and after sign up, users will be contacted by their sales representatives who will additionally give some free tutorial videos and will be available to answer any questions. QuickBase will also be sponsoring a video demo every Wednesday for those who sign up for the free trial. I first read about this Free Online Database from QuickBase at a site called Maven Mapper's Information, which is a great resource for learning about the business analytics, software and information management. The blog world is full of great reams of information and one just has to know where to look.

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mike said...

I love to travel but my QuickBask application didn't always go with me. I recently started using QuickBase Mobile from InfoEnable and now I get QuickBase on my BlackBerry.