Monday, April 23, 2007

PVR at Nirmal Lifestyle Mall: don't bother going

I finally visited Nirmal Lifestyles Mall in Mulund this weekend, after having heard so much from so many people from it. The mall is sprawling in every direction and has a lot of mixed use space at it's centre, which is open to the sky, great in nice weather, but quite awful in the hot summer months. We had some spare time, so we headed straight to the movie theatre, to watch any passable movie starting in the next 20-30 minutes. Our first choice was Bheja Fry, but Namaste London was 35 minutes earlier, so we took tickets for it and headed inside. All in all a decent timepass type of movie, nothing serious at all, but a bit too loud I thought.

The best way to judge how much a mall developer and theatre company thinks of the customer is to judge them by where the exit of the theatre is, and the exit from PVR Cinema's at Nirmal Lifestyle Mall was worse than pathetic. After walking down a couple of flights you end up in a construction zone, walking on uneven ground, in the middle of bags of cement and drums of water. Oh and it gets much worse. You then have to walk through their garbage utility area, where the garbage truck is being loaded and something, not sure what, was being washed as there was lots of soapy water flowing along the road.

So, there you have it, that's what Nirmal Lifestyle and PVR think of their customers. I will definitely not be going back to see a movie there again, unless they clean up their act. C'mon people, this is the absolute basic stuff. At least show some respect to your customers, or they are not going to be your customers anymore. Like me!

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