Monday, April 09, 2007

Power sleep sessions

Another interesting trend on Springwise, this one is about busy people catching a refreshing catnap in their lunch breaks. Metronaps was launched in 2004 and has had a successful run with harried New Yorkers. Now a new relaxation and sleep lounge Yelo is offering 20-40 minute power naps and reflexology sessions. Their private sleep chambers are called YeloCabs and offer the most luxurious sleep settings such as purified air, 500 count linens, cashmere blankets and YeloChairs, a custom designed chair that elevates the legs to achieve optimum relaxation.
Customers who want the full Yelo experience can also choose from a menu of reflexology treatments: 30-, 60- or 90-minute sessions with certified therapists start at USD 65. While currently serving a single location in Manhattan, Yelo is already creating quite a buzz and has plans to expand.


Karen said...

Now that is one thing we need at work! NAPTIME!!!!

Shalini said...

The trend is really catching on, and people are willing to spend a lot of money pampering themselves with such treatments.