Sunday, April 29, 2007

Plumeria on my desk

I took this pic on my desk last week of some Plumeria I picked from the garden. They are one of my favorite flowers, for their symmetry, simplicity and beauty. The blue mini goblets were a set of six that were given to us a couple of years back by relatives and although I don't use them much for serving drinks, I absolutely adore them for displaying flowers. Colored glass is something that I love to collect, I prefer it to cut glass even, which is much more expensive but I find it too cold, whereas colored glass exudes a warmth and makes any corner of a home interesting and inviting.


Lisa said...

I never saw that kind of flower before. Very pretty

Shalini said...

They are one of my favorite flowers and are also called firangipani in some areas. They grow on trees and flower all year round and are perfect for tucking behind the ear or floating in water.

Cristine said...

The most interesting and creative is fruit flowers which i try to make in the original way. I like chocolate covered strawberries which i like to share with every one who like flowere