Thursday, April 26, 2007

Organized retail shaking things for fast food chains

Organized retail is causing a lot of concern for small fast food retail chain, due to people are moving across hierarchies, management structures and companies. One of the most popular coffee bar chains, Barista is working to create a system where it’s staff build their career with the company instead of constantly shifting jobs.

Partha Dattagupta, CEO of Barista Coffee Company says, “We won’t call it stemming attrition, rather fostering growth.” Domino’s has been hit hard by the churn, with 10-15% at the management level and 50% at the front end level. Ajay Kaul, CEO of Domino’s (Indian subcontinent) says that, “The threat from organised retail is clearly there, and we are constantly thinking of ways to retain talent, whether it is improving the work environment or empowering employees to grow further.” The main reasons why people join the larger retailers is to make more money, for the potential of the opportunity and to have access to more challenging assignments.

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