Friday, April 20, 2007

Online shopping

I've become quite a fan of online shopping with each new country that we've lived in. As one becomes accustomed to certain products, especially local products, when one moves it becomes hard to do without them, so ordering them online makes it really quite simple. So, that's how my online shopping started, but once it started, I've of course gone on to lots of other shopping. I am in retail after all, must 'test out' products and analyze their marketability, profitability and the rest of it all! One of the sites, that I've found to be a good and fun find is Am Online Shopping that specializes in sunglasses and watches, and offers a wide range of watch brands from Nixon to Casio to G-Shock, Seiko, Pierre Cardin, Timex Watches and the list goes on and on. With pretty realistic shipping rates, Am Online Shopping where I go to find presents for all my cousins birthdays.

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