Thursday, April 19, 2007

On vacation planning

What is the best part of the vacation for you? The planning and excitement before or the actual trip? While I really love the anticipation of a impending trip, the trip itself is the high point of it all, of course. Lately, we've gone on a lot of vacations and our last one was to an all inclusive family resort, which was quite a fun experience. is the leader in these kinds of vacations, so if you are even kind of considering how to go about finding out about such as vacation, go to their site.

They recently upgraded their site to be more user friendly and easier to find results and I simply love the changes. The search function intuitively adds discounts and special offers like an extra night for free based on your variables and what they have available. I also really like being able to see the resort and boy, do they have good pictures of the resorts or what? Information on local activities, attractions, room configurations etc are all listed so you can go in for exactly the kind of vacation you want to.

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