Wednesday, April 25, 2007

MIT uses blogs to attract students

Fast Company writes about blogs entering the world of college admissions, as being reported by the Boston Globe. MIT is using blogs to attract potential applicants, and has highlighted one of the bloggers Lulu Liu on their website. I think its a really great way to connect to potential students, since most people look for reviews and opinions on blogs anyway.
While information about parties and the academic standings of the schools are all over the Web, uncensored information about a college kid’s everyday life is not so prevalent. And that’s why these blogs work. The Globe said the blogs “were among the top three most useful” pieces of information when applicants were deciding whether to attend MIT or not.

What makes these blogs work is the latitude the admissions office gives the students to express their true feelings in the world of learning. If the blogs just talked about lunch at the Union and walks on the main square, then no applicant would read them.

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