Monday, April 23, 2007

Marketing using tattoos

Agenda reports that even though tattoos are becoming more mainstream, they don't seem to be losing their marketability when it comes to certain edgy products. Scott Campbell is one such tattoo artist that created his own unique style which attracted marketers. He opened a boutique called Saved Tattoo in New York and in 2005 was asked by Gyro Worldwide to do some work for Camel cigarettes. Since then, he's done work for Nike, Volkswagen, ZZ Top and most recently for Comcast's new Fearnet channel.
The Camel campaign "opened my eyes," Campbell says. "I made phenomenal money watercoloring these same pictures I'd been tattooing on people."

Lately he has been applying his aesthetic to household objects by way of a laser-etching machine, and formed his own creative agency, Mama Tried, so he can work with new clients "from the concepting stage," consulting on a brand's entire image, rather than just doing illustrations

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