Monday, April 16, 2007

iPod tours

Another great idea reported by that are created by other travelers and can be downloaded onto your iPod or MP3 player are the new trend. Chicago based AudioSnacks is offering the audio tours service to consumers for select destinations. Most tours are prices quite reasonably and some are even free, with features such as downloadable maps, samples pieces to listen to before buying etc. There are several other companies offering similar services, such as Soundwalk, TourCaster, Tourist Tracks to name a few.
Customers get a unique perspective and insights: they can take an audio tour through Chicago with a Jewish hip-hop poet, for instance, or see the sights in Seattle with a hot DJ. Since members are encouraged to create and upload their own tours, the library is likely to grow quickly. The company is also building a new section, offering campus tours for (upcoming) freshmen "who look lost no matter how many times they've looked at their maps."

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