Sunday, April 29, 2007

Contact form rules

I added a contact form on this blog over a month back and while I have got some interesting comments and enquiries, I have got plenty of wierdo spammy comments as well. Please do not bother filling it in if all you're going to do is promote yourself, your blog or invite me to Orkut. So sorry to break your heart, but that wasn't my intention of putting up a contact form. I'm not fond of Orkut and am not interested in being "your friend" as you put it.

If you have something to say about a specific post, please leave a comment at the post itself. I have got lots of people asking me about retail, which I welcome, since I have loads to say about it and even more to share. It's only thanks to some of these interesting and intelligent comments that I have received, that I have decided to keep my contact form on my blog.

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