Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Change the look of your home

Living in a hot and humid climate, I really miss having rugs in the house. I like to be able to change things all the time in my home (I am a Gemini after all!!) and unfortunately I have not been able to do very much of that here, since it's just nice to have the cold marble floor to walk on instead of a carpet. I have used cotton rugs in the entrance hallway and by our beds but have kept the rest of the apartment rug free. Our next move is to be to an even hotter climate, although everything is climate controlled there or rather everything is chilled there, so a carpet would be great. The best thing about area rugs is the flexibility and the ease of changing things around. I change the curtains in my house 3-4 times a year and it gives a completely new look, and an area rug does the very same thing. I find it a must to be able to make things look different in my home.

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