Monday, April 23, 2007

Approach to cooking: Men Vs Women

Men and women perceive different tasks in very different ways. I for example usually always think of cooking as "work", even though I don't cook on a daily basis and have a cook who comes in everyday. Men on the other hand, think of cooking as a fun diversion to their regular routines, to their actual work and thoroughly enjoy the "experience" of it. The outcome of my food usually depends on how happy and relaxed I was feeling while I cooked it, while for men just cooking relaxes them.

My hubby cooked a simply Out-Of-This-World-Delicious lamb curry that was a beautiful (yes, I can assure you it was beautiful) mixture of Indian and European cuisines. Having studied in Switzerland, he has superb taste and an amazing ability to mix flavors to come up with incredible results. While he is up in the air concocting some sublime menu, I am sitting for hours on end to come up with an average run-of-the-mill menu. Granted, the mood to cook doesn't strike too often, but when it does, one is sure to be given a royal treat.

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