Saturday, April 28, 2007

Amazon expanding its grip on the web world

Online retailer's founder and CEO, Jeffrey Bezos said that the company is expanding its Amazon Web Services program of allowing "independent sellers to use its network of distribution centers to store and ship their products". What this means is that you could get something that you bought on eBay shipped to you in an Amazon box. Amazon announced that it's revenue increased by 32% and it's stock rose by 40% in the past few days, but the company is constantly on the lookout for finding new ways of making money.
Participants in the program, which is still in the experimental phase, can sign up on Amazon’s Web site and print out stickers that they put on their goods. They then send their products to Amazon, which stores the items commingled with its own. Amazon ultimately ships them to customers when they are ordered online (and charges the seller a variable fee based partly on the weight of the item and the shipping cost).

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