Monday, March 19, 2007

Virginia is for everyone

Virginia attracts a large number of international students with its diverse range of universities. One of the universities that is high on the list of most engineering students is Virginia Tech, which is reputed to be one of the best institutions of higher learning in the area. Located in Blacksburg, Virgina, the university is one of the most elegant campuses in the state and is sure to provide inspiration and drive to study further. Getting a post graduate degree from Virginia Tech would be a major addition to any resume.

In general, the state of Virginia is a great place to be, providing a good mix of outdoor adventures at the Shenandoah Mountain Park or along the coast and also has some of the best restaurants and museums. One could say that history is the forte of Virginia, with beautifully preserved areas such as Colonial Williamsburg that promote heritage tourism. The state of Virginia is often called the Mother of Presidents as it had eight Presidents of the United States belong to it, a feat that is sure to inspire lots of politicians in the making.

Virginia is known to have the best of the winter and the summer seasons, being neither too cold nor too hot. Its mild climate ensures that you will be able to spend a lot of time outdoors in nature, and the state of Virginia certainly has some of the most beautiful areas of the US. The state does however get its fair share of tornadoes and hurricanes, generally around two per year. Working in Virgina has been described by Forbes magazine in 2006 as being one of the most conducive ambiance, governmental support and potential for growth are some of the factors that make Virginia an ideal place to work in. The state's tag line is "Virginia is for Lovers", but I think the state of Virginia is for everyone.


Beth Robinson said...

I did my undergraduate degrees at Virginia Tech (Materials Engineering and a 2nd in English) and have been happy with that education through 2 years in grad school and 6 in the workplace. All of the engineering grad students that I talked to at the time were also happy with the program and very helpful when I needed it. I loved Tech and Blacksburg both.

Shalini said...

Interesting combination of degrees, Beth. The few people I have known from Virginia Tech have had a very strong bond to the school, just like you. I love Virginia, especially its historic monuments and natural beauty. This past summer we visited Luray Caverns, which were simply enchanting as they have been preserved so beautifully.