Saturday, March 24, 2007

Swap cars and save on rentals

Springwise reports on an interesting way to organize vacations: swapping cars. A London based company called GoGo Britain is offering a simple and cheap alternative to rental cars, most of which are outrageously priced in the high season. How it works is that customers reserve cars at their website, selecting from the list of cars available at the destination. Confirmations are required within 48 hours of travel and that's it.

With no mileage restrictions, customers don't have to worry about driving too much. GoGo Britain currently has eight locations where customers can swap cars. Requirements include customers being at least 25 years of age, having a valid drivers licence and a five year clean driving record. All consumers must also purchase all-inclusive insurance. GPS receivers are located on all vehicles but are only activated in emergencies when a car need to be located.
GoGo Britain was developed by VisitBritain, the British Tourist Board, with the aim of attracting European tourists to Britain. And therefore will likely remain limited to locations in Great Britain. Catering to travellers who’d rather not swap houses but are willing to exchange cars, this is an idea that could be expanded to most other countries.

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