Monday, March 05, 2007

Plan your vacation to the Caribbean

The Internet is a great place to plan vacations, find great resorts, compare prices and get an idea of where one will really fit in an enjoy a vacation. One of the leaders in this field, has recently relaunched its site and is offering upto 50% discounts on bookings. There is a completely new booking system that you can customize to how you want it to work. The new website has been brought out after the company conducted extensive research on how consumers want to find vacations, so you can book that all inclusive caribbean vacation that you've always wanted to go on. This is the perfect time too, with the World Cup starting in just over a week.

Additions to the site include information on customs, culture, history and activities of an area, all great things to know, especially when you are traveling with your family. The new booking system has the ability to price dynamically, offering dollar and percentage off promotions, save with free nights program and other package deals. There is also lots of information on the amenities and recreational activities of an area, along with room options and preferences.

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