Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Orlando homes

Orlando might be famous for its theme parks but it has a lot of history beyond its parks. The city dates back to over 150 years and was part of the country that benefited due to the construction of the railroad in 1880, due to which it's citrus industry received a significant boost. Citrus was its first claim to fame and it soon became a center for business and commerce. The real estate boom in Florida started in the mid 1920s and changed the look of the town completely. Today, tourism is the state's largest industry, receiving more than 43.3 million visitors each year (and mind you this statistic is from the year 2000, so the numbers are sure to have increased by now). Orlando is the number one destination in the world, in terms of number of visitors.

Besides tourism there is also a retirement rush to the state, both industries that put pressure on real estate, which is of course one of the major economies of the state. Orlando is one of the fastest growing cities in Florida and the US. Central Florida is a great place for families, whether you are visiting or for living. The variety of options for housing is simply great, since you can have a totally urban area or live in the suburbs with plenty of green space. The best way to find a house is to use a Orlando Realtor who can guide you and help you through the process of purchasing a property. Be part of this incredibly fast growing economy in Orlando.

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