Friday, March 23, 2007

Moving to Dubai

We've lived in lots of cities across the world, but our next move to Dubai is going to be an extremely exciting one. We plan to move in the next couple of months and I just can't wait to live in this exciting city that is said to be the fastest growing city in the world. Dubai is the most forward thinking and modern of the seven states that are part of the United Arab Emirates. The city has become a mecca of sorts for people from all over the world, a factor that is extremely important to us since we like expanding our horizons. The city is fast making a name for itself in the financial world and is well known as being the sports capital of the Middle East, with some of the best international events taking place there in golf, tennis, horse racing and sailing.

We are on the search for Dubai Property, specifically a nice apartment in Dubai these days, although searching via remote control has not been an easy task. Ideally we would love to find an apartment in the Marina area of town and that's where our main search focus has been so far, although I believe the apartments in Deira are also quite good. Since I am not altogether too familiar with the city, I have a lot of research to do, on living there, on eating out (which I believe is simply fantastic), on getting utilities set up, buying a car, getting a drivers licence etc. While the questions are endless, so is the excitement. Dubai is definitely the future for us.

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