Monday, March 19, 2007

Learn how to be a profitable blogger at GatherSuccess

I read a lot (really, a lot) of blog posts everyday and very few make enough of an impression on me to bookmark them or add them to my bloglines feed account. This was one of the few that stood apart from the crowd of blogs and made me want to return to check for updates. Alvin Phang's GatherSuccess blog is a free online resource on Internet Marketing and on how to be a profitable blogger. I have been able to pick up on quite a few tips on improving the marketing of this blog as well as being a better blogger from him, in terms of attracting more readers and improving my income from my blog.

I started my blog in 2004 quite casually and never really bothered about search engine optimization, keywords, page ranks or any such thing, but on reading Alvin's article on how to use Google keywords, I have begun to be more conscious of writing my posts and on using the right link phrases. At present, Alvin is running a contest of sorts where he is asking bloggers to review his blog, in return for a link back from his blog and a chance to win a Digital Video Creator from him. Seems like a winning idea to me!

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