Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Instant homes: stackable pods

Another really great trend reported on my all time favorite reading material, Springwise.com. This trend comes from Australia from a company called Perrine, which is makes self-contained, stackable housing units or pods that can be used in any configuration and installed within a month once you place an order. It's great for a home office space or music room or what ever else you might like it to be. The structures are made of polished concrete, aluminum and glass, look like ultra modern pods, enhanced by the fact that there are no sharp corners or joins. They come ready with all internal wiring, plumbing and utilities already hooked up.

Architect Jean-mic Perrine's philosophy is that the houses should be nothing more or less than its inhabitants need, and that simple design and beautiful material should be able to stand the test of time: "Living spaces have become as transient and irrelevant as fashion. It's no longer a look for a generation that people strive for, its the look of 'now' and it only lasts for a three to four year period. That approach is not sustainable and people are putting themselves and the environment under a lot of unnecessary pressure trying to keep up."

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