Monday, March 19, 2007

Health insurance no matter where you go

The company that our car is insured with has been calling for the past couple of days asking if we were interested in signing up for health insurance with them. They are quite well known for automobile insurance, but have just recently entered the health segment. While we have been thinking quite seriously to sign up, it actually makes more sense to get health insurance with a company who is already a specialist in it and has created a tie ups across the world.

Since we've been traveling and moving every few years, a trend that will be continuing for the next decade or so, we want a company whose coverage will travel with us no matter where we go. GlobalSurance seems just the company to fit the bill for us with its Global Health Insurance. It was founded in Hong Kong and has offices and coverage in Asia, UK, US and the Middle East, which is going to be our next move in a couple of months. Even better, they have free quotations and offer independent advice on the telephone and the Internet. GlobalSurance does not charge its clients and only takes a commission from the insurance companies, so you can be assured that they have your best interests in mind.

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