Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Gift basket presents

OK, it's official, I am a gift basket addict. I have been saved on several occasions where I have sent unique gift baskets as presents. I spend a lot of time on the Internet, for work and for personal stuff, and have been able to find some hidden treasures in gift basket sites that are totally unique and different from the run of the mill presents. The Woven Basket is one of these hidden treasures where you can find some superb stuff that has a personal touch to it as compared to a lot of gift baskets that seem to have been put together on an assembly line. I was really impressed with their prices too, especially for the Honey Vanilla Bath Set that was for only $23.67. With the rise of branded goods and chain stores, I often find products at name brand stores just too cookie cutter for my liking and I'd rather buy something unique and interesting from a store that is a one-of-a-kind like The Woven Basket.

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