Monday, March 05, 2007

Freelancing with Elance

The last couple of years could be described as the rise of the freelancers. It's amazing how much work can be done from someone across the world, working from home. One of the largest online marketplaces for services is Elance, which specializes in programming, design, websites, writing and business consulting. The company is then years old has the maximum number of freelancers, me included. I joined Elance just last year and have yet to take a project, but have heard nothing but good stuff from my colleague who told me about them.

Elance uses a reverse bidding system where thousands of freelance professionals are perfectly matched with companies and categories. At Elance, there are additional options like private messaging and package offerings to enhance the experience of finding the right company or person. There are a variety or opportunities available in web designing, graphic designing, business plan writing, legal representation, data entry and much more. Elance is a great way for a small business to use its limited budget to get large amounts of work done in a professional manner.

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