Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Ecotourism is the way to go

I grew up in the mountains and never thought I would love anything more but am a beach girl now. My love of the mountains did teach me how to take care of the environment. Our boarding school was located in the lower Himalayas where we always had a risk of forest fires in late May and early June, before the arrival of the monsoons. Pines are the most common trees in the area, which shed in the hot summer months, making for a dangerous combination. The fate of the Earth is dependent on our generation and on how we treat the environment. It is no longer alright just to be neutral, we have to make choices that reflect the urgent need to protect and preserve the environment.

This concept has led to a number of new resorts who are actively involved in such endeavors and are such a lovely relief from the boring, cookie-cutter vacations that travel companies have. Look at Kauai for instance, it is full of resorts, but can you really distinguish one from another. They all offer the same services, have similar rooms and pretty much blur into one another. Kauai Ecotourism Vacation Rentals on the other hand provides a great blend of luxury and eco-friendliness and I would much rather take a vacation such as this, since it would be completely unique. Don't expect mediocre service or style here, HawaiianBeachRentals have some pretty incredible properties and offer world class service but still remain focused on preserving the environment.

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