Saturday, November 24, 2007

Debt is part of our lives now

Most consumers get dependent on credit cards early on as college students, trying to study, work and pay for expenses for tuition, books, accommodation. It's not an easy act to juggle for anyone, but for someone just coming into being independent it much harder. Almost everyone who has a college degree has a student loan and credit card debt. It just goes with the territory, as they say on campus, it's just the way it is. Things are changing on college campuses though, security cameras on every corner. Colleges are becoming more real world and need to be guarded just like any other public space.

Since there really is no way to avoid credit card debt, maybe we should focus on education younger consumers on making better choices as well as on ways to deal with it. It is important to know how credit cards work, how to apply for loans, and all other issues dealing with debt. This education in itself will prove to be immensely valuable over a period of a lifetime for most consumers. College is a time of discovery and exploration and not one to be spent worrying and being anxious about the future. Although almost every college student graduates with debt, it is essential to put it in perspective of the value of the education gained. It's definitely a great time to make the most of new ideas and opportunities, and learning how to deal with debt is just one part of the complete experience.

A lot of college students are dealing with debt by making money online, which has really caught on in the past few years. There is a lot of money transacted on the Internet, especially at the top five online businesses. While you can't hope to become that successful overnight, or even in 2 or five years, it is possible to aspire to those levels, right? I'd say that anything and everything is possible due to the Internet and on the Internet.

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