Thursday, March 29, 2007

CompUSA's 15 minute pick-up program is a winner

CompUSA has been able to differentiate itself from the rest of the pack thanks to its 15 minute pick-up program. The retailer first introduced online/in-store pick-up program in 2003, offering a service that pretty much all other large retailers were offering. CompUSA decided to stand apart and fine tune its pick-up program to 15 minutes, which had been decided from customer feedback and store data. Stores were put on trial and once they were able to achieve a 95% on time record, the 15 minute guarantee was launched in November 2006. So a customer can check for products online, specifying preferred location and then come by and pick it up at the store.
Fulfilling 95% of online orders in 15 minutes requires that each store integrate its inventory management system with that of the web store. By doing so, shoppers can identify which online items are in-stock at their local store. To improve customer satisfaction, CompUSA allows customers to search the inventory of multiple stores within a 50-mile radius of a designated ZIP code to provide greater availability of products if the customer’s preferred store is out of stock. Store inventory is linked to CompUSA’s web store through an order management program that was developed in-house.

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