Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Captivating art by Vickor Lysakov

Art is completely subjective. I might hate what you like and vice versa. I consider art to be very personal, something that connects to me in an individual way, regardless if it is the expected reaction or not. Over the years I have become an avid collector, mostly of paintings till now, but eventually I do want to add sculptures to my collection. The interest started when I took an Art History class in college and especially when I worked at an art gallery for close to two years. I look for depth of color and texture in paintings, something that makes them stand apart even when the subject matter might have been painted a thousand times already.

I am especially fond of collecting art from across the world and was quite intrigued by the work of Russian Artist Victor Lysakov, especially his traditional motif paintings. Lysakov is a modern expressionist artist who paints using a vibrant palette and unique compositions. There is a story behind all of his paintings, which make them even more interesting as it's always so interesting to know something additional about all paintings. While all the paintings I liked were already sold, there is an option to purchase giclee prints that are digitally printed on museum quality UV-resistant canvas.

Victor Lysakov opened his first office of the Lysakov Art Company in Pacific Grove in California in early February this year and had a grand celebration of over 200 guests who enjoyed traditional Russian music, cuisine and entertainment. The new gallery can be comapred to any of the modern art galleries in the metro cities. Lysakov has been named as one of "The Best European Artists" and has participated in many important exhibitions across the world.

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