Saturday, March 17, 2007

Buying art online

So what do you do when you have to buy someone an interesting but unique present? Here's an option that will ensure that your gift will stand out, creative art and jewelry from the Artisans Market. With a wide range of products, the Artisans Market is a great place to find a one of a kind artwork for that housewarming gift or a special coming of age bracelet. Artisans Market has been selling art online and although it is not the easiest thing to buy on the Internet, their quality of products is extremely high and will not leave you disappointed.

I have been collecting art for over 10 years now and built up a good collection from when I worked at an art gallery, and looking at some of the paintings at Artisans Market made me want to renew it again with a vigor. Some of the works I really was impressed with were by an artist called Les Lull, who mostly paints subjects of the southwest.

My favorite of his works is an acrylic on board, a study of a tree against the night sky. I have seen a lot of art and studied art history in college, so when I saw this painting, I knew what Les does is something special and extraordinary. He has been able to make it different, from its viewed angle, its colors and depth. He is definitely an artist that I would want to own a painting from.


Beth Robinson said...

Neat website. I hadn't seen that one before. is another great site for handmande art and crafts for unique gifts. I keep a small inventory there as Pumpkin12pm, but there are many artists who sell a great deal of work. mlee is one of my favorites with her layered woodblock prints.

Shalini said...

Thanks for the tip! I have bookmarked it. Your Pumpkin12pm items are very unique. mLee's woodcuts were superb and very different from the kind of stuff I have, so think its time to supplement my collection.