Friday, February 02, 2007

Watching soaps

Are you an avid soap opera fan? I must admit that when I first went to the US, I was quite fascinated by the whole concept of daytime soap operas. They somehow seemed so contrived, so artificial, so unreal, but people were crazy about them. Deciding that there must be something to the fact that they were so popular, I started watching them. While I never got addicted to watching them, like I did with Friends, Sienfeld, Melrose Place or Mad About You, soap operas were fun to watch. Just as long as you took them lightheartedly. But, there are lots of people who are not like me, who absolutely love the characters and live as if they are perfectly real. So, if you are one of those fans, then read up for all the latest information on soaps like All My Children. Get the latest news about the show and actors here!

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